Nov 302012

The big news for this release is that I am now joined by xocel of in developing sbotools.

Among other interesting things, xocel brings to sbotools a queue system, which allows us to implement some pretty nifty stuff that wasn’t as feasible before; some of that is in this release, some wasn’t quite ready yet and will be “coming soon”.

This release does represent a pretty significant changeset, and while we’ve done significant testing to ensure this release runs as expected, it is of course impossible to catch all bugs. Please email one or the other of us with any bugs found; our email addresses can be found on any of the man pages.

There aren’t too many user-visible changes for this release:

  • sbofind now has a -q option to show what all would be built for any sbo’s matching the search term.
  • When the sbo tree is rsync’s, –delete is now used so that removed files/directories are properly removed from the local tree. If you want to keep something that’s been removed upstream, you’ll need to relocate it outside of the working tree.
  • sboupgrade/sboinstall will now seek confirmation/options/etc for each sbo it expects to build before running any slackbuilds.

And that’s probably about it. The great majority of the work for this release centered around the queue system, so not much in the way of new features at present.


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