May 282012

sbotools 0.5 is now released. 0.5 brings the following changes:

  • Requirement-parsing has been added to sboupgrade(1); when sboinstall(1) or sboupgrade(1)  are run WITHOUT the -r flag, the tool will look for a list of requirements in a given slackbuild’s README. For any found, it will check to see whether or not they are already installed, and if not, go through the list, asking whether or not the user wishes to install them. This is recursive, so that order is handled correctly. This is not foolproof, however, which is why requirement parsing does not happen when the README prompt is bypassed; you are expected to read and ensure the parsing functioned correctly. If you find a case where it did not, please let me know.
  • A bug which caused temp files to not be deleted has been fixed.
  • The bug from the previous post, where attempting to install a -compat32 package resulted in a 32-bit but not actually -compat32 package being installed (given -i was not specified), has been fixed.
  • Comments have been added to the code for the sake of anyone wishing to assist or whatnot.

Given no serious bugs are found in this release, in the immediate future I will be focusing on some cleanup and refactoring that needs to happen, so the next release will likely take a little longer. This is necessary, however, to ensure the future of sbotools.

See the sbotools page for more information.

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