May 262012

sbotools 0.4 is a maintenance release, bringing no new features. Here are a summary of the changes:

  • The -j setting now gets validated, so that only a number can be fed to it.
  • The .info files in some slackbuilds report an incorrect version, for example says “3.5.3”, but the actual version is “3.5.3_en”; with the way I was previously determining the name of the package which was built, this would cause the package to not get installed at the end. That section has been rewritten so that incorrect versions in .info files do not present a problem.
  • Several minor fixes, and more robustness.
  • The code has been further cleaned up, re-organized, and refactored, though it still needs more.
  • The man pages have been made more consistent overall.
  • The sbotools.SlackBuild tag has been corrected, from “_SBo” to “_d4wnr4z0r”.

As always, please see the sbotools page for further information.

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