May 112012

After a small break, I’ve been hacking on sbotools again, and am now releasing 0.2, which I’ll call the first “beta” for now, considering 0.1 as an “alpha”.

sbotools 0.2 brings the following changes:

  • Installation of 32-bit only SlackBuilds on multilib Slackware64 systems now works. For example, Skype, or wine.
  • sboupgrade(1)/ sboinstall(1) now accept a -i flag, which prevents the built package from actually being installed.
  • “sbnosnap fetch” no longer needs to be run manually on initial install; tools which require the tree to exist will prompt the user to fetch automatically.
  • Serious speed-ups; code refactoring and improvements have removed a great deal of excess work which some of the tools were doing.
  • And of course, a few bugs have been fixed.

Take a look at the sbotools page for download and install information.

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